Message from the
President & CEO

Denis Caron

“We approached 2019 with an overall theme of Planning for the Future,
and that is certainly reflective of the past year.”

As we cultivate working relationships with partners and embark upon new projects, we embrace the First Nations belief that good decision-making considers outcomes for now and for seven generations to come. The projects and initiatives that have been undertaken at the Port show the dedication and commitment to our vision and mission, and how we strive to remain an economic driver and a responsible member of this community.

As President & CEO, I have worked to enhance strength in our financial position and in our team. I truly believe that we have the fortitude and flexibility to weather any storm we may face. The region has recently been dealt several blows: the closure of the smelter, the suspension of Trevali’s operations, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Opportunely, the Port is poised to be a leader in economic recovery for northern New Brunswick.

We are currently in a period of growth and investment thanks to strategic planning from our Board and excellent execution by our staff. We conduct regular reviews of our product mix and monitor the market closely to ensure we can mitigate any potential adverse impacts from outside influences. The BPA will continue to lead the way to economic prosperity and growth in the region because we work tirelessly to be better every day. We continue to make the investments where it matters most. Through our master planning, we are gearing up to meet demand and encourage even more sustainable growth. We are looking at greener projects and technology and have a goal to become a leader in the clean marine industry.

To ensure we can meet these goals head-on, “ the BPA has focused on hiring some of the best and brightest in our region. We’ve always had great people serving the Port and now I am proud to say that we have become even more robust. I thank all of the staff and our Board of Directors for their effort and for believing in the plan – I must say amazing things can happen when we come together and row the boat forward!

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