10 Reasons To Do Business at the Port of Belledune

What makes the Port of Belledune unique? If you ask our employees they will tell you all the reasons they choose to live, work and play in northern New Brunswick. But, if you ask our customers they are quick to point out the business-related attributes that we can boast in Belledune.

In a customer survey conducted by a third party in 2020, an overwhelming majority of customers agreed that the most important attribute in Belledune is that “The Port of Belledune is managed by a world-class terminal operator and stevedore team” where the second most important attribute was “The port has a low level of congestion.” The customers surveyed also gave a score of at least 9/10 in relation to the following Port Attributes and Performance:

  • Infrastructure
  • Turn-around time / speed of transfer
  • Port Changes
  • Land Transportation
  • Being a good partner
  • Overall Efficiency
  • Overall convenience
  • Safety & Security

The region in northern New Brunswick, our First Nations neighbors, and our communities are extremely important to us and are considered in all aspects of port business. Development at the Port means development for the whole region so we decided to elaborate a little bit on the attributes and add a few that reflect the values of our Port community.

Here are 10 Reasons To Do Business at the Port of Belledune:

  1. Infrastructure – We are continuing to invest in the Port infrastructure, driven by the growing needs of our clients. Port clients have consistently ranked the modern infrastructure as one of the reasons they choose to do business at the Port of Belledune.
  2. Being a Good Partner – Relationships are extremely important to us. From our First Nations neighbors, community stakeholders, and customer base we strive to have an inclusive business and political environment conducive to moving things forward.
  3. Ample Storage Space – Port of Belledune customers benefit from the storage facilities that have been built on or next to the terminals. There are many outdoor storage options available on or next to the marine terminals that are suitable for bulk, break-bulk, roll-on roll-off, and project cargo alike.
  4. Room to Grow – We have over 1,000 acres of land for industrial development and transshipment. Our proximity to the St. Lawrence River makes us a great option for transshipment into the Great Lakes.
  5. World Class Terminal Operations – Having partners like QSL allows the Port of Belledune to shine. QSL offers consistent, innovative, and efficient solutions for cargo handling that customers agree are second to none.
  6. Environmental Leadership – We are proud to be Green Marine certified since 2018 which helps us build effective management systems based on sound principles and measures. The Port’s land and marine terminals are surrounded by trees which also act as a natural sound barrier for the community and animals.
  7. Efficiency – Timeliness, safe operations, and speed of turnaround are some of the attributes customers associate with the port. Our terminal operators are extremely efficient and are always finding innovative ways to handle your cargo.
  8. Flexibility – We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to work with customers and partners to ensure success for all parties. As an anchor of economic development in Northern New Brunswick our focus to work with and become partners with our customers.
  9. Intermodal Connectivity – Connected by highway systems and CN’s rail network, the Port of Belledune is connected to major markets in North America via land, rail, and sea.
  10. Safety & Security – The Port of Belledune holds the highest standard security rating from Transport Canada and continues to hold an impressive safety & security record with no identified vulnerabilities during its past assessments.

For more information on doing business at the Port of Belledune, contact Jenna & Sylvain

The Belledune Port Authority is pleased to announce the first ship arrival of 2021!

The Belledune Port Authority was glad to welcome Captain Nobe Parreno Lagalagot, Master of the MV “Cielo Di Capalbio”, and his crew as the First Ship of 2021 as they laid anchor at the Port of Belledune on January 1st. Calling on multi-cargo Terminal 3, the “Cielo Di Capalbio” began the loading of 25,000 MT of wood pellets – a commodity that is part of a sector that has grown exponentially over the past few years at the Port of Belledune.

The “Cielo Di Capalbio” sails under the flag of Liberia and was only built in 2012. It is a bulk carrier and this is the first time it has ever called on the Port of Belledune.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on gatherings, the usual in-person “First Ship of the Year” ceremony was unable to take place. A commemorative gift in the form of an award will be mailed to the ship’s agent, Calypso Marine Agency, in lieu of the presentation ceremony with the Captain and crew. The BPA will also be giving the Captain and his crew some merchandise such as toques to help keep them warm while they work during these upcoming winter months.

Speaking of the occasion, BPA President & CEO, Mr. Denis Caron, said: “Although we cannot all be together to mark this event, we still wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the MV “Cielo Di Capalbio” being the first ship at the Port of Belledune in 2021. The past year has been a challenging one for many, but we were fortunate to finish 2020 strong with 21 vessels in December alone – a record at the Port for most ships in a month! As we turn the corner into 2021, we at the BPA are gearing up for another big year. Our Master Planning exercise for planning the future of the Port is underway and it is going to require all hands-on deck. I know that our team at the Port is more than ready for the hard work ahead and we are looking forward to engaging with our stakeholders on this project. Together, I know we can have a great 2021!”



For more information, contact:

Denis Caron

President & CEO

Belledune Port Authority



Port of Belledune Director Lorio Roy Appointed To Order Of Canada


Lorio Roy, Director

Lorio Roy, a member of the Belledune Port Authority board of directors, has been appointed to the Order of Canada, one of our country’s highest civilian honours.

Congratulations to Mr. Roy and thank you for everything you do for the Port of Belledune!

From gg.ca:

“Created in 1967, the Order of Canada recognizes outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. More than 7 000 people from all sectors of society have been invested into the Order. Those who bear the Order’s iconic snowflake insignia have changed our nation’s measure of success and, through the sum of their accomplishments, have helped us build a better Canada.”

A Fresh New Look

Collaborating with digital marketing agency, Hutchinson Creative out of Dalhousie, NB, the Belledune Port Authority has officially launched a new website that comes with an updated fresh design, colours, added video content, an interactive menu, motion graphics, and updated photos of the Port of Belledune facilities. Built with a focus on opportunities and business development with both current and new clients, it is now easier than ever to see what the Port has to offer for a wide array of industries.

Even more, the BPA remains to be ‘anchored in our community’. Links on the homepage make it easy to navigate the website to find the latest news and updates including a new career page for job postings, recent social media posts, tenders, and requests for proposals for projects. Visitors to the site can also access application forms for donation or sponsorship requests, view information on how the BPA is committed to environmental leadership and learn all about the BPA’s growing relationship with neighbouring First Nation communities as well as view the historic protocol agreement that was signed in 2018. Highlighting the region as a whole, the careers page with employment opportunities includes videos showing the magnificent natural beauty of the area and what northern New Brunswick has to offer for those who live in our communities.

The BPA is looking forward to using this digital platform to connect even more with all stakeholders, partners, potential customers, and most of all our community neighbors. Check out the new website today at www.portofbelledune.ca and explore all it has to offer!

Port Tariffs

The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) wishes to advise all marine and stakeholder interests that tariff charges at the Port of Belledune will remain the same until further notice. Any activity (primarily of a vessel or cargo operation) within the area managed by the BPA is subject to BPA’s tariffs. The Port of Belledune includes the navigable waters and property managed, held, or occupied by the Authority, more specifically identified in the BPA’s Letters Patent pursuant to the Canada Marine Act.

Other charges/tariffs may apply to vessel or cargo operations throughout the port, including those for pilotage, tugs, stevedoring costs, marine agency costs and terminal operator costs. These fees are not part of the BPA tariffs, but are from other organizations.

Documents containing more details about the tariff charges may be found on the Port of Belledune website at the following link: https://portofbelledune.ca/tariffs-forms/.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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May 28th 2020 – Belledune Port Authority Office Closure

Notice – Tug Services

Please join us in welcoming McKeil Marine to the Port of Belledune!

The Port will be entering a transition period from now until April 27th, 2020 with McKeil Marine joining current tug operator, Atlantic Towing, for berthing and towing services. The Port will continue offering two tugs, and after the transition period, McKeil Marine will become the sole service provider.

We thank Atlantic Towing for their decades of service with the Port and for helping in this transition period.

To make arrangements with McKeil Marine, please contact Dan MacPherson at dmacpherson@mckeil.com or call 506-333-6614.